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I am rather new to the open source world, but I think this will be useful
small utility. 
I am Java/J2EE developer; so expect only Java from me :-)
What is this all about? Sometimes application's I work on are multilingual
with many languages support. 
Translators have difficulties with Resourse files, so I keep text into
Firebird is my database of choice :-). Tables that hold language dependant
data usually are have columns as DATA_EN, DATA_DE and so. 
That's why I decided to create a web front-end to my databases, so I can
download them as HTML (read Excel or XML). 
That paste the content into Excel spreadsheet,  lock some columns and give
translators permission only to write to column they need to.
After that, there will be utility to get xsl file (via JDBC-ODBC) and put
data back.
Installation is rather simple; I have included jars for HSQL (which is used
to hold information about available databases) 
and JayBird - jdbc for Firebird. All you have to do is download war file and
put it into Tomcat and wait for minute or two, 
so Tomcat will auto-deploy it. Then visit index.jsp, add database server and
full path with some comments to your firebird database. 
Everything else is just click and click.

In this release tables are exported to HTML (well, it is possible to change
export to Excel in, the MIME's are on the top)
Next release will include choice between HTML and Excel. Probably XML will
follow (I will be glad if some one can give me nice DTD)
Import utility will be back here in two weeks
Visit Sourceforge project area
Jump do download
Mail me with any commens and ideas for future releases Niki_IV